David Geddes, ASC, CSC

David Geddes – Director of Photography
Geddes has worked with a range of image capture technologies, including film, video, HD, digital and 3D. His 2008 project, Sanctuary, was the first TV series in North America to use RED ONE technology.

In an era where people can see 3D productions in theatres or movies on their cell phones, Geddes believes storytelling is still the key. Says Geddes, "the magic is in pushing the technology where you want to go, making your tools produce the images the story deserves."

Cinematographer David Geddes began his film career shooting 16mm investigative journalism, documentary, and independent short films all over the world.

Geddes moved into 35mm TV and feature work as an operator, then as Director of Photography on 21 Jump Street, followed by the first season of the original Beverly Hills 90210. Geddes' more than 70 feature, pilot, series, telefilms, and short drama credits have been shot on four continents and run the gamut of action, suspense, horror, science fiction, comedy and romance.
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